Tips for Building Lasting Relationships with Personal Training Clients

Building a good rapport with the clients are one of the points which are included in the personal training courses. Having a nice rapport with your clients is essential if you want a long term relationship with your client.

The key to establish this long term relation is a proper foundation of trust and understanding and to have a meaningful interaction. But you should make sure that their work out session should not be boring and should not only constitute of imparting knowledge about nutritious food and exercises.

But it should also have the fun element so that the clients have an enjoyable experience working out with you and are willing to come back again and again because of your good sense of humor.

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Body language

To know and understand the body language of a client is a very important skill for a personal trainer. In the personal training courses, there is a lot of importance given to the body posture.

There are a few things which you need to take care of while speaking to the clients. While speaking to the client it is mandatory for you to keep an eye contact with them. You should maintain your posture while speaking to them.

Another thing which you should keep in your mind is that while making your client’s workout you should always stay on the same level where you client is. You may want them to do the Gold Coast boot camp exercises on the floor like half kneeling or to stand while doing a specific exercise.


Listen to them

As a Gold coast personal trainer you should always ask a lot of questions to their clients as to how they feel after their previous training session or how are they feeling today. But the one thing trainers should refrain from doing is that they should not latch onto something they hear the moment it comes out of their client’s mouth. Instead you should always let your client’s complete whatever they want to say, listen to them intently and then give your feedback.

This way your client will feel that you truly care about them and will not think of dropping off for a while at least, when I visited, I found they had a great apporoach and attitude towards their clients.

Include your client’s in the process you have designed for them

The trainers have the job of designing a special program for their clients like what exercises you would like to incorporate or what would be your approach to a particular client. This is your area of expertise for which the clients are paying you.

But you should always discuss the program you have planned with your client. They also have the right to know and also has the right to say anything about it. Even while preparing their diet chart you should discuss all the minute details with your client so that they feel that you are giving them a lot of priority and not treating as a second option.

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