The Future Of Personal Training Certifications

Online Fitness Courses – The Future Of Personal Training Certifications

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The most important job of a personal trainer is to design an effective workout program for his/ her clients. The workout program has to be tailored as per the weight loss goals of the customer, his/ her lifestyle, current fitness level and body type. If you have a personal training certification it will be easy to do as this is exactly what you have learnt during your course. To begin, lets visit Online Fitness Courses | Personal Trainer Supremacy.

Create a database

Create an exhaustive database of the types of exercises starting from the basic and then progressing to the advanced. List all the simple and foundational exercises that will help beginners to get a grasp of exercising and help them in acclimatization. The exercises that you include in your database must reinforce the common human movement patterns.

Categorize the exercises as per the specific area that they are meant to target. For example: Hip dominant such as hip bridges and deadlifts, quad dominant such as squats and lunges, sagittal plane such as lateral lunges and shoulder raises, stomach exercises such as crunches, heart rate workouts such as cardio, cycling, running and skipping etc.

The various anatomy and mobility exercises that you have learnt during your online fitness courses in the UK will help you create an exhaustive database. This database will be helpful when you are tailoring a specific workout plan for a client. Make sure you include exercises for specific injuries and diseases in your database.

Prioritise wisely

Depending on the fitness level of your UK client and his/her fitness goals, prioritize what exercises they must start off with. It is important to start with the basic foundational exercises and make your clients master them with increased levels of intensity. Only then can they move on to the advanced ones. Skipping a level in order to jump to the advanced exercises must be avoided at any cost since it can cause injury to the client due to unpreparedness of the body.

Understand your client’s lifestyle and working environment. If their work demands that they remain seated for long hours make them do standing exercises which will help them work out their lower body areas.

Make sure that the exercise session of your client begins with a few warm ups to help release their muscles and get the blood flowing to their tissues. Skipping a warm up can have detrimental effects in the long run.

Pair exercises strategically

This is where the knowledge and tips that you have learnt in UK personal training certification will help you the most. Take into account the fitness level of the client, body type, lifestyle and design a workout plan.

List the exercises in groups such as warm-ups, heart-rate exercises, core exercises and finishers. Include different types of exercises in each group and make the client do at least two to three sets of each. Monitor their heart rate and other parameters regularly and keep an eye on whether the exercises are being done correctly.

Maintain a consistency of three to four weeks for one training program and you can change exercises or number of reps after that.

Online Fitness Courses will teach you to make strategic exercise programs and make variations in to suit various body types and fitness requirements.

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